Breakthrough Technology – Solving the PVC Problem!

Retrieving Energy from Polymer Waste including PVC with our patented
Middle Tempered Degradation Process – MTDP.

Our goal was to solve the PVC problem and at the same time produce / recover energy. We have reached our goals on 30m2, introducing the first working PVC-based polymer waste thermal degradation technology. Due to this innovation our MTDP is not sensitive for the input materials, such as a non-determined mixture of polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, PET or ABS.

"The world is facing a waste crisis from PVC. Short-life PVC products, disposed of within a few years, have caused serious PVC waste problems, especially when incinerated.
There are currently over 150 million tonnes of long-life PVC materials in existence globally. With the current rate of production the world will have to deal with approximately 300 million tonnes of PVC starting to enter the waste stream by the year 2005. The amount of PVC waste in industrialised countries is already expected to grow faster than PVC production. So what do we do with this waste? Is there a solution? Since PVC, like most plastics, does not biodegrade quickly, three primary options exist: bury, incinerate or recycle." (source: Greenpeace International)

It must be noted that our technology is able to make energy resources from dusts, means contaminated polymers with food, or other organic residues. These impurities are sensitive for the aggressive atmosphere and the elevated temperature; they are degradable under our MTDP.

With our MTDP Technology No Hazardous Wastes are Generated!

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