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Plastenergo Ltd. was established in 2009 with the purpose of designing and developing a pilot plant that is able to decompose PVC content mixed polymer waste, converting it into energy and other fuels. Both research and development is solely a Hungarian invention.

Our pioneering technology has been recognised nationally and is currently making its debut worldwide. With the help of our technology the amount of waste entering into dumpsites is significantly reduced while the fuel oils used during production of various polymers is mainly retrieved or recovered. Energy as well as basic chemical compounds are the end products through this process.

Our company’s first project was the testing and successful execution of our technology through industrial thermal degradation of mixed polymer waste that includes optional quantities of PVC. With the aid of our MTDP – Middle Tempered Degradation Process – every fraction of polymer waste that was outright refused until now, because of its PVC content, is today turned into valuable resources.

We have revolutionized Polymer Degradation, PVC contaminated Waste is No longer a Problem!
Name Gas [W%] Oil [%]* Carbon black [W%] Notes
PVC 6 48,5 11,5 Formation of HCl gas
ABS-PS 11 80 9 Aromatics in the petrol fraction
PE 7 75 18 40% olefin**, 60% paraffin**
PP 6,5 85 8,5 40% olefin**, 60% paraffin**
*% means the ratio of the product in [l] / the fed polymer waste in [kg] in per cent
**olefin = unsaturated hydrocarbons; paraffin = saturated hydrocarbons

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