Introducing the first working PVC-based polymer waste thermal degradation technology.

Technology for retrieving Energy from PVC and other Halogen content Polymer Waste OIL FROM MIXED PLASTIC WASTE - MTDP process

The subject of our presentation is a process technology concerning thermal degradation of plastic wastes containing PVC and other plastics with halogen content. In addition, energy production by means of a 100 % environment friendly method of processing PVC and other plastic waste materials. Our technological solution uses the non-recyclable PVC and other mixed and contaminated plastic wastes with broad halogen content (0-100%) and produces valuable diesel equivalent fuel, which is easy to store. The technology is an innovative combination of well known industrial practices and is based on size effective and efficient design. The logistic and waste management considerations allows for the long term feasibility of the energy recovery from the high energy content of mixed wastes. One of the bi-products of the technology (fuel) can be used in commercial diesel engines e.g. power generators, DG sets. The product input of the technology is the waste stream (i.e. mixed PE, PP, PVC and PS derivatives) which is considered to be non-recyclable and burned in waste incineration plants with expensive filters (dioxine, HCl absorbers) through this process can now produce energy. Under our two-step method, in the lower-tempered dehalogenisation reactor, hydrogen chloride gas is also eliminated from the added plastic waste. From the residue, in the separated depolymerisation reactor, where temperature is raised to at least 480°C but kept below 600°C, a hydrocarbon gas mixture is generated. The flow of the hydrocarbon gas-vapour is condensed and separated into oil fractions.

Process Inputs
  • Plastic mix from WEEE and ELV recycling
  • Mixed plastic waste from selective wastes
  • Contaminated packaging
  • Co-polymer wastes
  • Quantities of communal wastes

  • Gas (high calorific value) - provides energy to-for the process
  • Gasoline - boiling point up to - 130°C
  • Diesel oil - boiling range of 120 - 220 °C
  • Heating oil - boiling range up to - 250 °C
  • Carbon by product - approximately 90% carbon
  • Hydrochloric acid

This technology produces alternative fuels which are CO2 neutral. Due to the corner casting design (a 500 t/year pilot plant) the Middle Tempered Degradation Process - MTDP can be easily expanded by 2000 t/year module increments, according to specific increasing waste supply and particular energy needs. The MTD technology is unique and is a one of a kind, internationally patented and ready for commercialization. NO HAZARDOUS WASTES GENERATED
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